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Frequently Asked Questions

What's UpDog?
Nothing much, you? :)
How much does UpDog cost?
UpDog provides free hosting for one site, and includes:
  • A custom domain name
  • Custom 404 pages
  • Custom Favicons
UpDog Pro is a $19.99 one-time charge, which gives you access to priority support as well as these awesome features:
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Support for automatic markdown rendering
  • Lower cache times
  • Custom document roots
  • Use any folder in Dropbox
  • Support for contact forms
Is UpDog secure?
Yes! SSL certificates (https) are provided for all * domains. We do not store or duplicate your content on our servers. When a request is made to UpDog, the request is forwarded directly to Dropbox to retrieve a file's contents. The only people who can see your content are those with whom you've shared an updog link.
Will you help me set up a custom domain?
Yes! Shoot me an email at
Can I delete my account?
You can revoke this application's access to your Dropbox account at any time by visiting and clicking the "x" on the far right.
Can I use an apex domain with UpDog?
At this time, apex (or bare) domains are not supported with UpDog. You must use a subdomain, like www. With your domain registrar, you can forward bare domains to your updog domain: ->