Https For Custom Domains

HTTPS for Custom Domains

In 2018, enabling https for all of your sites is a must, regardless of whether you’re handling sensitive information or not.

Adding https to your domain increases:

  • SEO performance
  • Security for visitors
  • Trust from visitors

The easiest way to get this set up correctly is to enable a custom domain for your site without https first. Read more about custom domains here.

Sign up for a cloudflare account

Visit and click the signup button

Next, add your site by entering your domain name:

It will query your DNS records and import them.

The free plan includes a free shared ssl certificate. Select this one

Click “confirm plan”

At the next screen, you’ll be prompted to confirm your DNS records.

Just make sure there’s a CNAME that points to In my case, I have:

Click Continue.

Change your Nameservers

For this, you’ll need to visit your domain registrar and change the name servers.

Cloudflare provides a help link for learning more about how to do this.

You may need to wait some time. In my case, the domain was successfully set up within fifteen minutes of updating my nameservers.