Free Plans are now invite-only

Here’s what you need to know:

What does it mean?

Any new UpDog members will need an invite code from an existing PRO member. New members will have the option to skip the invite code requirement by upgrading to a PRO account.

Are there any limits to the number of invites I send?

Not at the moment. You are welcome to share your unique invite link with as many people as you like. Please avoid sharing your link publicly.

How will it work?

PRO members will see a new tab on their account page. They’ll see a unique link that they can share with others. Anyone who signs up using this link will be able to use the free plan.

Why are you doing this?

In short, spam. A lot of my time maintaining UpDog is devoted to responding to DMCA takedown notices and phishing attempts. By requiring either an invite from an existing user or a payment, I hope to deter malicious users who are looking for an easy and free way to host their projects.

Why even keep the free plan at all, then?

I still feel passionate about reducing the friction between learning to code HTML and CSS and getting that content up on the web to share with others.

I have a different question…

I’m happy to answer it! Either shoot me an email at or post publicly in the comments below.