SSL and Custom Domains

Note: a Pro membership is required for custom domains.

SSL is now available for every site on UpDog

Starting today, anyone who makes an HTTP request to or any site hosted on will have the option to use HTTPS.

Since the beginning, UpDog has offered SSL certificates for and subdomains. If you’re using a custom domain with UpDog, you can now use HTTPS without configuring anything or relying on a 3rd party provider for SSL termination.

All you have to do is type https:// instead of http:// when requesting your site, and you’ll see a next to the URL.

Apex custom domains are now supported!

Before, if you wanted to use a custom domain with your UpDog site, you were required to create a subdomain (most often www) and create a CNAME record that pointed to

If you want to use a custom domain without a subdomain, you can do so by adding an A record for @ that points to:

Read more about configuring a custom domain name here: Configuring a Custom Domain Name