Hosting a TiddlyWiki with UpDog

A few customers have reached out to me about using UpDog to host their TiddlyWikis, or “non-linear” personal web notebooks.

If you haven’t used TiddlyWiki before, definitely checkout the HelloThere tiddler.

Create an UpDog Site First

Visit to create a new site.

This will create a folder and a sample index.html file for you in either your Google Drive or Dropbox folder, depending on which one you authenticated with.

Remove the index.html file that was generated for. We’re going to replace it eventually.

Start a new TiddlyWiki

If you visit the GettingStarted tiddler, you’ll see a big green button:

Clicking the button will download a file named empty.html file.

Move this file to your Site folder, and rename it to index.html

At this point, you’ll be able to view your tiddlywiki using your public UpDog URL.

Editing and Saving Your TiddlyWiki

Someone referred me to TiddlyDesktop, which is a special-purpose web browser that acts like a native application and allows you to manage your TiddlyWikis.

Visit the releases page and click on the correct zip file for your system to download the application.

The getting started video was very helpful for me during installation, so I’ll link to it here:

When you add a TiddlyWiki file, select the one that you moved to your site’s folder.

That’s it!

Now, anytime you make a change to your TiddlyWiki, The TiddlyDesktop will save the file to your Google or Dropbox folder, and UpDog will serve this html file at a public URL!