UpDog is shutting down on Feb 8th, 2020

Starting today, accounts and sites are no longer able to be created.

You may continue to log in and view your existing sites. UpDog will continue serving static content until Feb 8th, 2020, when all of UpDog's servers will be turned off.

Feel free to reach me directly at jesseshawl@gmail.com for any refund requests or questions you might have.

Wait! What? Why?!

In short, SPAM. I don't have the resources to combat people signing up and creating sites for the purposes of hosting phishing content - creating sites that look like other popular sites trying to steal people's information. I tried several things to limit this - requiring payment (they used stolen credit cards), limiting the number of requests per site (they created more accounts and more sites), and manually reviewing each newly created site (we're talking hundreds of sites per week - this is just impractical).

There are tons of great web hosting options out there, and some even support Dropbox and google drive, too! But most of them have the resources to be proactive about preventing malicious content and guaranteeing uptime for your sites.

After a lot of thought, I decided the best option for both UpDog and its users' users (the people viewing your sites) was to shut down the service.