Drag and Drop Web Hosting
for static websites

Deploy static HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and assets by dragging local files and folders into a Dropbox or Google Drive Folder.

No Software To Install, No Purchase Necessary

There's nothing to install, and nothing extra to pay for. Bring your personal or Business G Suite / Dropbox account, and we'll let you choose a free subdomain.

Deploy Your Site in Seconds

Unlimited Storage

...depending on your cloud storage provider's plan. Hosting 1 file or 1 million files? No problem. The Free plan includes 500 requests per month.

Built for Developers

  • CORS enabled
  • Assets are gzipped with maximum caching
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • MIME types à la /etc/mime.types

Tons of Free Features

Out of the box, you'll get:

  • A Free Updog.co subdomain
  • Custom 404 pages and favicons
  • Up to 500 requests per month
  • A Link Generator to help you find the correct URL
  • Support from a Human (👋 That's me!)

And Even Better PRO Features

Upgrade to a PRO plan and get access to:

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Use any folder in Dropbox
  • Unlimited requests
  • Specify a document root
  • Markdown Rendering
  • Password Protected sites

Praise for UpDog:

This couldn't be easier.
The quickest website I've ever put together!
UpDog came to my rescue... A great service!