Frequently Asked Questions

What's UpDog?
Nothing much, you? :)
How much does UpDog cost?
UpDog provides free hosting for one site, and includes:
  • An subdomain
  • Up to 500 requests per month
  • Custom 404 pages
  • Custom Favicons
UpDog Pro is a $3.00 monthly charge, which gives you access to priority support as well as these awesome features:
  • A custom domain name
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited requests
  • Support for automatic markdown rendering
  • Lower cache times
  • Custom document roots
  • Use any folder in Dropbox
  • Support for contact forms
Is UpDog secure?
Yes! SSL certificates (https) are provided for all * domains. I do not store or duplicate your content on our servers. When a request is made to UpDog, the request is forwarded directly to Dropbox or Google to retrieve a file's contents. The only people who can see your content are those with whom you've shared an updog link.
Will you help me set up a custom domain?
Yes! Shoot me an email at
Can I delete my account?
You can revoke this application's access to your Dropbox account at any time by visiting and clicking the "x" on the far right.
Can I use an apex domain with UpDog?
At this time, apex (or bare) domains are not supported with UpDog. You must use a subdomain, like www. With your domain registrar, you can forward bare domains to your updog domain: ->
How do I add a custom 404 page?
Create a file named 404.html in the root of your site's folder. Read more
How do I add a favicon?
Create a favicon.ico file in the root of your site's folder. Read more
Can I password-protect my site?
Yes! Pro members have the ability to require a username and/or passcode. Read more
Why is there a "Hosted on Updog" link at the bottom of my site?
By spreading the word about Updog, you're helping others discover the service, which in turn keeps updog running. You can remove the banner by either upgrading to a pro membership or hacking together a little CSS or JavaScript to hide it... I prefer the upgrade route myself :).