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What Pro Members Are Saying:

Super easy to use!
Loving UpDog so far. Being able to write Markdown, store it in Dropbox and have UpDog auto convert it into HTML has made this the quickest website I've ever put together! Keep up the good work, and would love to see new features added in the future like an easy Markdown based blogging engine?
Awesome service, easy setup.
I'm so happy that I found this website. I didn't have to think twice before going pro. I'm the biggest fan!
It was a disaster for me as a photographer/photojournalist when Dropbox stopped rendering html files, as my preferred modus operandi is to provide Dropbox hi-res files for download and an accompanying lo-res (Dropbox public folder) Lightroom html web gallery as a guide. There are workarounds but the most effective solution is UpDog's Dropbox app, which facilitates the normal rendering of html presentations. The app is effective and intuitive to use and I can't praise it highly enough. UpDog came to my rescue. As a pro user, I can create as many sites/presentations as I want to. A great service!
Super easy to use. I had Middleman and Jekyll sites up within minutes. Love it!
Exactly what I was hoping it'd be. I just need to do quick, single page, static sites. This is couldn't be easier.
keep up the good work jesse!
Simple posting and markdown rendering attracted me. I have tested just a few things and it looks promising for my R teaching purposes to share Rmarkdown documents with my students.
I have only had a short time to play with Updog, but it certainly has allowed me to setup a website using my Dropbox as the storage medium for my photo content. At the moment I am only using Microsoft Publisher for basic development. I have been able to display photos, and link to multiple pages. The 4-star rating is ONLY because I have yet to work out how to SIMPLY include a link for a video file, or ideally, be able to have the video play within a web page window. Still working on that. But it certainly has allowed me to build a static website with multiple pages, using Dropbox as a storage medium for my photos. But I think I might need to either experiment further, or move to a better development platform. After all... website development is not the first priority of Microsoft Publisher, and I understand that.
would be useful to have a list of domain name providers for whom you have instructions on how to set up for each one...
UpDog was a life saver when Dropbox decided to disable rendering of HTML content in public folders, which I used it frequently to share content with others. UpDog addressed that issue and provided a few very welcoming features: Markdown rendering, Jekyll support, and password protected websites. Keep the good work going Jesse!